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Our Ministries

Our church's ministries and committees are an integral part of the Fenimore UMC Community.  Everyone has room to grow as a follower of Christ. Here at FUMC, we have a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth from the newest believer to the those who have known Christ for some time.  Each ministry serves not only the church body, but each other and the community.   


They are avenues to access for those who want to go deeper in their walk with our Lord Jesus and those who desire closer relationships within the our community. There are bridges to cross for those whose hearts are seeking eternal significance.  Most of our ministries and committees meet weekly, and also exist within the regular framework of ministry developed and are nurtured by our Pastor, members in leadership, elders and lay leaders. Our prayer is that you’ll get involved in one of our ministries or committees, that you invite God and others to have an influence your life.

Community Outreach


United Methodist Men


Higher Education Committee

The Higher Education Committee’s mission is to instruct our youth. Inspire them to be their best and to do their best and collectively Invest in our youth so that they have the support they need to forge ahead confidently into the future.

United Women in Faith


The United Women in Faith (UWF) formerly United Methodist Women (UMW) are a sisterhood of grace, committed to turning faith, hope, and love into action on behalf of women, children, and youth everywhere. With monthly programming and a pledge to worldwide & local mission, UMW serve in various vital roles in the church and the community. We provide opportunities to grow spiritually, equip women & youth to be leaders, provide transformative educational experiences, organize for growth & flexibility, and work for justice through service & advocacy. The unit typically meets on the 2nd Sunday. All women are invited to attend.

Eucharistic Ministry

The Eucharistic Ministry is designed to bring monthly Communion to the sick and shut-in members of Fenimore UM church who are unable to attend regular Worship service. It is a Christian Sacrament considered to be a re-enactment of the Last Supper, the last meal that Jesus Christ shared with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion during which he gave them bread saying “This is my body” and wine, saying “This is my blood” eat and drink this in remembrance of me. We bring them a service of worship as well. We sing, pray, read scriptures and bring a word of encouragement to lift the members spirits. We have a joyful worship service in the name of the Lord Jesus.

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